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Product range // Power supplies // 4kW to 20kW CSR Range
Corona Supplies CSR Range of power generators are available from 4kW to 20KW for use in wide web, blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, printing and laminating applications. The CSR range are very reliable and efficient, displaying true power as well as reactive power and variable frequency. All spare parts of the CSR range are interchangeable with Sherman GXR range of power supplies.
Generator designed to operate on 3 phase, and earth, as specified by site supply, no additional input transformer needed. Incorporates an isolation transformer and EMC mains filter.
The operator front panel comprises a digital meter displaying; true output power, reactive power (measure of matched efficiency), or frequency as selected. Also, power output control, frequency control, alarm/fault/status indicators and a door interlocked safety mains supply isolator.
  • IGBT technology
  • Variable frequency allows easier load matching
  • True output power, Reactive power & frequency display
  • High & Low output alarms as standard
  • Multiple input voltages
  • Free standing cabinet
  • No costly input transformer needed
Options include proportional control, splice or skip treat as well as computer interfacing, remote control panel and audible and visual alarms.
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