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Product range // Power supplies // 4kW to 20kW CSR Plus Range
The new CSR Plus power supply integrates a PLC and Siemens HMI touch screen into the trusted and reliable CSR generator. Except the control panel, all other parts will be interchangeable with Sherman GXR or Corona Supplies CSR generators, thereby giving our customers flexibility in spares as well as maintaining our excellent reliability.
The generator has illuminated start/stop buttons for quick visual operational status feedback. Function control is via a centrally located angled touch screen. This will allow the operator to visualise and control the following operator characteristics:
  • True Power, reactive power and frequency
  • Soft Start for added reliability
  • Interlocks status
  • Line Speed in m/min displayed
  • Automatic Corona Start
  • Alarm activation when 10% deviance from set power
  • On screen real time visual power trend plot
  • Alarms when faults are detected
  • Fault conditions shown on operator screen along with information on cause and solution to that fault
  • PLC logs
  • Programmable recipes allowing jobs to be recalled for different materials, powers and speeds
  • Multilingual
Additionally, supervisor characteristics include password protection enabling changes to minimum speed, frequency control, adjust time and date, select language, enable and change settings, data entry for recipes, alarm logs etc.
Options available include Skip Treat, Splice Treat, Proportional Control, Watt Density, Humidity Start, Audible alarms, Computer Interface and Automatic Extraction Fan Start.
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